Giving back


The TAWARET Hippo is a highly recognizable accessory that surpasses the confines of contemporary time and space. It is a beloved item among collectors due to its timeless and classic appeal, and it can be showcased in a variety of display settings. This sculpture represents a modern interpretation of Taweret, the ancient Egyptian goddess associated with fertility and the safeguarding of expectant mothers. In ancient mythology, Taweret was often depicted as a hippopotamus with physical attributes borrowed from other living forms, such as humans, lions, and crocodiles. Analogue's Taweret Hippo embodies the essence of the goddess, including strength, resilience, and regenerative powers, but in a contemporary and minimalistic form.

In alignment with the symbolism of our Tawaret Hippo, we recognize and value the role of women in our society, as it represents protection and motherhood in ancient Egypt. By making a purchase, you contribute to creating a brighter future where every girl can flourish and fulfill her potential while acquiring a piece of art from a collection curated by Karim Mekhtigian. 30% percent of the proceeds from the sales will be dedicated to supporting the Banati Foundation.

Care Instructions:
Gently wipe using a soft cloth.

Product Details:

Dimensions: L: 24 cm. W: 8.5 cm. H: 10.5 cm. 
Material: Basalt.
Handmade in Cairo, Egypt.