METEORITE Goblet Cup (set of 3)

METEORITE Goblet Cup (set of 3)

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The METEORITE Goblet Cup handmade from stainless steel into sleek, glimmering perfection. It is versatile, refined, and ideal for a lifetime of use in various settings. Because it is made of stainless steel, it resists damage from heat and rust. 

Care Instructions:

Do not expose to heat or use boiling-hot liquids on the item, as the materials used are excellent thermal conductors and will become very hot. The item may also react to the heat and black spots may occur.

Clean with soap and water, using a soft sponge. Dry immediately with a towel to avoid water stains. Dishwasher safe. Do not put in an oven, microwave, or any open fire. Do not use for serving boiling-hot liquids, as stainless steel is an excellent thermal conductor.

Product Details:

Dimensions: L: 8.3 cm. W: 8.3 cm. H: 8.5 cm.
Material: Stainless steel.
Handmade in Cairo, Egypt.